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A.V. Berretta and Angelo Berretta offer investment advice through Redwood Private Wealth, LLC, an investment adviser registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 with its principal supervisory office in Phoenix, Arizona. Registration with the SEC should not be construed to imply that the SEC has approved or endorsed qualifications or the services offered, or that its personnel possess a particular level of skill, expertise or training. Important information and disclosures related to Redwood are available at https://redwoodprivatewealth.com. Additional information pertaining to Angelo Berretta and/or Redwood’s registration status, its business operations, services and fees and its current written disclosure statement is available on the SEC’s Investment Adviser public website at https://www.adviserinfo.sec.gov/.

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If you are a current Client it is important to remember that it is your responsibility to notify us, in writing, if there are any changes in your personal/financial situation or investment objectives for the purpose of reviewing/evaluating/revising our previous recommendations and/or services, if you would like to impose, add, or modify any reasonable restrictions to our investment advisory services.

Risk Disclosure

You must be aware that different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk, and there can be no assurance that the future performance of any specific investment or investment strategy including those undertaken by us will be profitable or equal any historical performance level(s). Information regarding investment services are provided solely to gain an understanding of our investment philosophy and our strategies and should not be construed as personalized investment advice.

Conflicts of Interest

Certain of our representatives are licensed insurance agents of our affiliated or non-affiliated companies. and, in that capacity, may recommend on a fully disclosed basis the purchase of certain securities or insurance-related products. These individuals are compensated for the sale of these products. The recommendation by a representative of A.V. Berretta and Angelo Berretta that a client purchase a commission-based product presents a conflict of interest, as the receipt of commission may provide an incentive to recommend products based on commissions received rather than on a particular client’s need.

No client is under any obligation to purchase any commission-based products from a representative of A.V. Berretta and Angelo Berretta. Clients are reminded that they may purchase insurance-related products recommended by A.V. Berretta and Angelo Berretta representatives through other, non-affiliated representatives and/or companies.

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This Website may contain additional investment-related information, Market data, articles and other content based on generally available information believed to be reliable. The website may contain links to articles or other information that are contained on a third party website. A.V. Berretta and Angelo Berretta do not endorse or accept responsibility for the content, or the use of the website. All such information is provided solely for convenience purposes only and all users thereof should be guided accordingly. A.V. Berretta and Angelo Berretta assumes no liability for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions in or from any data or other information provided on the pages. Accordingly, the publication of this website on the Internet should not be construed by any consumer and/or prospective client as a solicitation to effect, or attempt to effect transactions in securities, or the rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation, over the Internet.

Social media

While we may have an established presence on one or more social media pages, We are not affiliated with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Instagram or any other social media site. It is up to you to read and understand the privacy policies and terms of service for each social media site you participate in. We do not expressly or implicitly adopt or endorse any of the expressions, opinions or content posted by any third parties on social media sites. We have no control over how the social media sites or other third parties will use the information you share. We do not control, serve, adopt or endorse any content that may be published on any social media site. No part of any social media site is intended to make a recommendation or state a testimonial for or about a security, service or product, or to provide investment, tax or any other advice.

No client was compensated to follow any social media page or connect with us. The appearance of those people that have chosen to follow or like our social media pages or connect with us does not constitute a testimonial for endorsement of A.V. Berretta and Angelo Berretta or its affiliates, or any of our services. It is not known whether such individuals approve or disapprove of our services. It’s also important to note that specific financial questions on account information can’t be posted, by a client or an advisor. Due to industry regulations, please do not post any comments on social media pages. The entire content of social media sites that we participate in, including third party posts, is archived to comply with securities regulations. We do not provide customer service or enable financial transactions through any social media site. Should any client of the firm have questions or concerns that are specific to their account(s), please contact our office directly. You should never post personal, account or transaction information anywhere on any social media site. As convenient as it is to message people within social media, we will not be able to return messages within those social media channels. We will respond, but will do so from our business email account.

Except as prohibited by law, each client and prospective client agrees, as a condition precedent to his/her/its access to A.V. Berretta and Angelo Berretta’s website to release and hold harmless A.V. Berretta and Angelo Berretta, its officers, directors, owners, employees and agents from any and all adverse consequences resulting from any of his/her/its actions and/or omissions which are independent of his/her/its receipt of personalized individual advice from A.V. Berretta and Angelo Berretta.

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