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 Angelo Berretta has been in the financial services business since 1985. In 1992, he founded A.V. Berretta Financial, specializing in retirement planning services. Angelo started the company so he could be an independent financial advisor and offer multiple strategies and financial products to his clients, rather than the product the company he represented wanted him to sell. He felt this would be in the best interest of his clients.  

Angelo grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and worked in the food business, a very competitive business, and has been serving the public since he was a teenager. His work ethic was handed down by his working-class parents, and because of that work ethic, he held many jobs, helping him to gain many positive experiences in the business world.  

He attended LaSalle University and after graduating, he worked in the food industry and made the transition from food to financial services, when he was recruited by someone he considered to be one of his mentors in life. As a financial advisor, he was able to help individuals and families with retirement planning, college funding and asset growth strategies. He fell in love with the entire industry. However, being a business owner and knowing many business owners, he knew he wanted to work with businesses. He furthered his studies in financial planning and attained the ChFC designation from The American College. In addition, he holds a certificate for Agency Management from the same college in preparation of working in his own business, as well as helping other businesses.  

Through years of helping individuals, families and businesses with their financial planning, he recently met Bill Hall, whom he considers to be, yet, another mentor. Bill founded Cash Balance Advisors and from the many conversations that both he and Bill had, Angelo decided to partner with them. Their state-of-the-art support system in helping businesses and high net worth individuals with retirement planning and taxation is the best in the industry. Financial planners, ERISA attorneys, CPA’s, actuaries and pension administrators, to mention a few, make up a wonderful team who supports and services all clientele.  

When he is not working, you’ll find him on a golf course, tennis court, or ski mountain. Of course, relaxing and spending time with his family, including the dogs, in Hopewell Township, New Jersey, is something he enjoys most.

Angelo Berretta 

1 Straube Center Blvd., Suite C-15, Pennington, NJ 08534